Being a Patron entitles you to entry to the Village all weekend-including our signature private event, Sneak-A-Peek. Your donation will help thousands of patients and artisans in Tennessee benefit greatly, and every contribution of any dollar amount is greatly appreciated. Please send all donations to the address below. Thank you!

Christmas Village
P.O. Box 158826
Nashville, TN 37215-8826

2021 Patron Levels:

In order to receive Patron tickets, all donations must be received by October 22, 2021.

  • Arrow Society ($75): 1 patron ticket and 1 bag
  • Angel Society ($150): 2 patron tickets, 1 commemorative T-shirt, and 1 shopping bag
  • Silver Patron ($300): 4 patron tickets, 1 commemorative T-shirt, and 1 shopping bag
  • Gold Patron ($500): 6 patron tickets, 2 commemorative T-shirts, and 1 shopping bag
  • Platinum Patron ($1000): 10 patron tickets, 2 commemorative T-shirts, and 2 shopping bags

* T-shirts and shopping bags are available at the Information Booth at the Village with presentation of the Patron Ribbon

*Patron ribbons must be worn during the Sneak-a-Peek event


COVID Protocols 

For the health and safety of our shoppers, merchants, and volunteers, we have implemented the following COVID protocols:

  • Following Metro Nashville COVID guidelines, as of November 12, 2021 at approximately 5pm, masks are no longer mandated but strongly encouraged.
  • In addition to creating more designated eating and drinking areas throughout the Village, we have created a wine bar lounge for our guests during the Sneak-a-Peek event.  All wine consumption will be limited to this area only.
  • General admission tickets will not be sold at the door this year. Tickets can be purchased in advance at select SunTrust now TRUIST locations or online.


Thank you to our 2021 Patons!


ABG Contractors, Tonya Arnold, Ted Burkhalter, Deborah F. Durrett, Vickie and Tom Flood, The Fridrich Family in honor of Barbara Fridrich, Tiffani Kuhn, William McCurdy, Ann McKinney, Kathy Nevill, Dorothy Scarlett, Sarah P. Wood


Simone Acha, Valeria Hocker Ball, Dana Bonaminio, Susan Booth, Elise Crouch, Robb and Nancy Hart Harvey, Nita Winn Hollis, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Lisa Karpos, Dr. Paul Leavitt, Kendra Goddard Melnyk, Beth and Tom Parrish, Deborah M. Putnam, Judy Simmons, Elaine M. Youngblood


Katherine Allgood, Lisa Baldwin, Rhonda Barnes, Fred and Susie Bess, Colleen Bracken, Charlotte Cone, Monica Corbin, Carolyn Criag, Taylor Faust, Teri Forth, Nicole Golden, Linda Kent, Margaret Lovelette, Marcia Mallard, Betty and Conn McConnell, Tyler Leigh Moody, Sally Peterson, Olivia Rechter, Annie Schuster, Mrs. Dan Slipkovich, Andrewena Holloway Taylor, Dani and Jim Wills, Alice Yopp


Liz Anne Allen, Suzanne Allen, Audrey Aull, Angela Berryman, Marsha Blackburn, Diane Bledsoe, Brenda Boon, Dixie Boston, Mike and Laura Bouldin, Caroline Browder, Lindsay Burgner, Leigh Anne Burtchaell, Jim Campbell, Rosemary Cantrell, Yvonne Clemence, Scottye Crook, Carla Davis, Alison Davis, Anne Davis, Joan DeWald, Annette Donahey, Melinda Drennan, Cassie and Tom Edenton, Charlotte Ann Eckel Edwards, Mary Trabue Fitzgerald, Tiffanie Fitzpatrick, Chris Follansbee, Nina Margaret Freeman, Becky Griffith, Ann Glenn Hayes, Linda Higgins, Melissa Holland, Pat Hull, Ellie Jenkins, Lynn Johnson, Kathy Jones, Susan and Chris Jones, Teresa Kennedy, Erica Kever, Jamma Law, Becky Long, Maggie Lucy, Beth Maddin, Lynn Davidson Maddox, David May, Susan McDavitt, Linda McGovern, Belinda McSween, Hennie Benedict Morris, Andrea Mueller, Carla Oatts, Claudia Padfield, Melissa Paty, Nona Poole, Nancy Jo Polley, Laura Rhodes, Christy and Phillip Robinson, Eddy Rosen, Arjun and Ashley Seth, Dene Shipp, Carolyn Hodges Simpson, Beth Smith, Paula Snyder, Kristina Storck, Laine Evans Striegel, Mary Sturm, Tami Terrell, Anne Marie Tharpe, Nancy Martin Tice, Rebecca Upton, Katie Rush Walker, Katherine Davis Wells, Carey Whitworth, Janet Williams, Brenda N. Wilt


Carolyn Abbey, Paige Anderson, Ann Apple, Judy Auer, Yvonne Ayers, Kathy Bridgen, Heather Buffkin, Dana Nichols Burke, Katie Cain, Lauren Carlson, Linda Cato, Kimberly Crowe, Harriet Dorland, Brenda Dowdle, Diane Edwards, Carla Ford, Marilyn Godwin, Don and Yvonne Greene, Gail Danner Greil, Christy Hamilton, Jennifer Hedge, Randy Hillis, Suzanne Holt, Deborah Janke, Erica Jennings, Becky Keen, Peggy Lawrence, Marty Parish Ligon, Amy Lowery, Monica Maestretti, Pat Malone, Angela McElrath-Prosser, Ann Marie McNamara, Julie Pack, Henry Queener, Susan Sommer Reaves, Jennifer Reynolds, Sherry Smith, Christy Szarwark, Debbie Townsend, Juliana Underwood, Alice Weaver, Emily Wright


Janet Cates, Pam Eldridge, Kerry Elliott, Allison Toomey