Being a Patron entitles you to entry to the Village all weekend-including our signature private event, Sneak-A-Peek. Your donation will help thousands of patients and artisans in Tennessee benefit greatly, and every contribution of any dollar amount is greatly appreciated. All Patrons donating $300 or more will be celebrated at a private VIP Cocktail Reception on November 14th from 3-5pm at the Fairgrounds Nashville, inlcuding entry 30 minutes early to Sneak-a-Peek! Please send all donations to the address below. Thank you!

Christmas Village
P.O. Box 158826
Nashville, TN 37215-882


Patron Levels:

  • Arrow Society ($75): 1 patron ticket and 1 bag
  • Angel Society ($150): 2 patron tickets and 1 commemorative T-shirt
  • Silver Patron ($300): 4 patron tickets, 2 VIP patron party tickets, 1 commemorative T-shirt, and 1 shopping bag
  • Gold Patron ($500): 6 patron tickets, 4 VIP patron party tickets, 2 commemorative T-shirts, and 1 shopping bag
  • Platinum Patron ($1000): 10 patron tickets, 6 VIP patron party tickets, 2 commemorative T-shirts, and 2 shopping bags

* T-shirts and shopping bags are available at the Information Booth at the Village with presentation of the Patron Ribbon



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